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Carving Out a New Data Lake

Darryl Smith

Darryl Smith

Chief Data Platform Architect, Distinguished Engineer, Dell IT

Creating a single data lake to serve a newly merged Dell Inc. and EMC Corp. is a bit like harnessing the tectonic shifts in the Earth’s crust that form the more traditional lakes some of us would rather be fishing on.

Both companies—united last fall as Dell Technologies, the world’s largest privately held technology company—have relied on somewhat different technologies to perform critical Big Data analytics that are key to their success. Critical data for each company was housed in multiple legacy systems and platforms. The challenge was how to bring everything together in a central repository—i.e. a data lake.

As soon as the groundbreaking merger took place last fall, a newly merged Big Data team, for which I serve as lead architect, began working to develop a world-class data ecosystem that would provide the right data, in right place, in the right format and at the right time to solve for current challenges and position the company for digital transformation.