EMC IT Redefines IT as a Service: The Transformation Story

For several years, EMC IT has been on a journey toward ITaaS and has gradually evolved the structure, culture, and role of its organization to better align with the needs and objectives of the business. This organizational transformation has touched every aspect of IT—from architecture, infrastructure and application development, to the way in which IT services are created and funded, to enterprise security and support.

No longer does IT hold a monopoly on technology. Instead, EMC is building new consultative relationships with the business, streamlining business units’ access to IT services, and creating new job functions centered on providing the business with not only the services it needs, but, just as important, an outstanding customer experience.

In addition, EMC IT is helping business units reduce risk by building controls into the services it offers, rather than attempting to bolt security onto services that already are being delivered.

This animated video provides an overview of EMC’s IT Transformation journey, from a reactive IT organization to a true service provider. For more information about the EMC IT Transformation, read the latest white paper titled EMC IT Redefined.

2013 RSA Conference Shows Risk Management A Growing Priority

By Doug Graham, Senior Director, Global Security Office – Risk Management

The 2013 RSA Conference provides a terrific venue for industry leaders to share and communicate, but one topic, I couldn’t help but notice a dramatic rise in interest: Risk Management. Over the past three RSA Conferences, I have seen our Risk Management seminar increase from a peer-to-peer session of 25 people two years ago to more than 800 people at this year’s session — and with good reason.

The idea of risk management resonates deeply within the industry, including the need and practice of risk management and the desire to bond security, data analytics and the business. A well-rounded discussion was generated from the audience that focused on a number of pivotal ideas of risk management: What does risk management mean to an organization? How does an organization measure success? How can an organization work more collaboratively to push back against threats?

Risk Management and the Business

As we in security continue to study and execute the science behind risk management, we understand more and more that it cannot be managed in a bubble. Risk management, to be truly effective, must move into the business. Ultimately, the security organization cannot accept the notion of an impenetrable or perfect system as a matter of doing business. By evangelizing risk management into the business, we create a new sense or priorities and responsibilities in which non-security and non-IT business users assume risk management as their own.

When this occurs, perspective is gained on how other units respond to risk, even down to financial management and financial risk. In that regard, risk management no longer lives in a vacuum and advocates begin to pop up throughout the organization. These advocates will expand the network of risk management and operate in a way that bolsters an organization’s security posture. That was an important message from this year’s RSA Conference.

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Big Data Takes On Security

When it comes to IT security, we are at an opportunistic intersection.  Each and every day, we hear more and more about how the increasingly complex and aggressive threat landscape is impacting the security of companies around the globe.  However, Big Data strategies and technologies are rapidly approaching the intersection and arming us with the analytics we need to more proactively assess risk and identify threats.

As a leading global technology company, EMC has wholeheartedly embraced Big Data to get ahead of this.  If you’re interested in learning more, EMC is also hosting a webinar on “Using Greenplum to Deliver Big Data Analytics” on Tuesday, Sept. 18th @ 11am PT.  Sign up here:  http://bit.ly/SyLwWV

Integrating RSA Security in EMC’s Private Cloud

Join Nirav Mehta, Senior Manager of Product Management at RSA, as he describes RSA’s view on virtualization security and how EMC’s security division is participating in EMC IT’s Journey to the Private Cloud. It includes some examples, such as ways EMC IT is using RSA technology to secure virtualized desktops.

David Freund also provided some background in this post.

Virtualizing the Desktop

Join Chris Murphy, EMC’s Director of International IT Operations, as he discusses VDI and how it will enable EMC’s desktop of the future. Listen in as he explains the context around EMC’s complex desktop environment and the issues that need to be addressed. You’ll gain an understanding of:
• EMCs complex environment
• EMCs VDI strategy and deployment plan
• Tools EMC has chosen to achieve our VDI goals
• People, process, and funding challenges

Server Virtualization Consolidation Part 2

Listen as Adam Wagner, EMC Systems Architect focusing on VMware and Linux, details our internal implementation challenges and gain insights into how EMC IT has overcome these challenges and are developing new best practices to achieve a 40:1 virtualization consolidation ratio.
For more detailed information on how EMC has reduced internal IT costs click here to access ESG’s Lab Audit Report on EMC IT.

Server Virtualization Consolidation

Learn how EMC IT saves 13 Million in cost avoidance and 10 Million in cost savings over the course of 5 years.
Join Paul Divittorio, EMC IT’s Director of IT Enterprise Systems and Application Hosting Architecture, as he introduces EMC’s strategy to aggressively move to a 40:1 server virtualization ratio and save 10 Million of the course of 5 years.

EMC IT’s Journey to the Private Cloud

Interested in learning what EMC IT is doing with virtualization? Join us each month as EMC IT documents its own virtualization journey. Join Sanjay Mirchandani, EMC Senior Vice President and CIO, as he introduces this exclusive, inside-look at EMC’s virtualization status from challenges faced through improvements made to future plans. This documentary series focuses on five key initiatives:
• Server virtualization
• Optimized storage and networks for a virtual environment
• Closed looped automated configuration management and monitoring
• Cloud
The series is an ideal venue for customers and prospects to follow and learn best practices directly from EMC IT.