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Ujjwal Rajbhandari

Ujjwal Rajbhandari

IT Director, Cloud Engineering, Dell IT

Adapting IT Security to a Digital World: Going from Gatekeeper to Collaborator

As IT continues to empower a new, digitally-transformed world, infrastructure capability isn’t the only thing that needs to become more agile and flexible. IT security must also evolve to be more adaptable, more proactive and less reactive to let today’s workforce embrace the cloud.

After all, it doesn’t make sense to unleash new, agile IT applications only to weigh them down with traditional security strategies that create delays, restrictions and outright denials.

For example, in some cases with IT as a Service, a user can provision a virtual machine (VM) in five minutes but then must wait three to five days before security allows access to the data he or she wants to work with.

The question is, how is IT security going to change in this new digitally transformed world so that we can fully take advantage of the agility and simplification of cloud-enabled infrastructure.

A key part of the answer lies in a new approach to trust and risk assessment.


Pursuing the Modern Data Center: A Buy-Not-Build Approach

In today’s fast-moving, software-driven technology world, even die hard techies don’t find it compelling to build their own computer systems out of their favorite components like they did a decade ago. Today, it makes more sense to buy a laptop or desktop ready-made to run the latest software without customization. The same can be said for companies pursuing the modern data center.

That’s why Dell Technologies is taking a buy-not-build approach to transitioning our data centers to the cloud as legacy Dell and EMC converge in a single modern data center effort.

Historically, both Dell and EMC have been working to virtualize and optimize their data centers, with a current combined virtualization level of about 77 percent.  We are continuing those efforts with a plan of reaching 100 percent virtualization near-term. But our overall goal is to transition beyond virtualization to the cloud, where we can leverage the agility, elasticity, resiliency and dynamic characteristics of a truly modern, software-defined data center.


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