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Simplifying Customers’ Lives with EMC MyService360

From taking charge of healthcare choices to customizing product purchases, today’s consumers are increasingly using self-service, social, and mobile digital capabilities. EMC’s new MyService360 now brings that same personalized, proactive service to our Online Support customers.

Powered by EMC data lake solution, MyService360 (launched at EMC World 2016 on May 2) gives EMC Support customers easier and faster access to real-time information at their fingertips. Using its easy-to-read visual and powerful analytics, customers can view analysis of code levels, health, and risk scoring on their installed EMC products, service activity views by site, incident management, and more.


It’s A Different IT Security World


Like just about everything else in today’s socially networked universe, enterprise IT security has evolved dramatically in recent years.  Security teams are charged with safeguarding vital information in a world connected by a continuous and rapid exchange of an ever-expanding deluge of information. And among those logging on are a growing number of cyber criminals launching continuous and sophisticated threats to organizations worldwide. Investigations have become extremely complex with the need to be able to analyze data with context and speed.

No longer can organizations rely on traditional perimeter security and firewalls to protect their vital information assets. Nor can they effectively combat today’s sophisticated cyber criminals by analyzing threats after the fact. In fact, those that think they can in today’s complex cyber world are just sticking their heads in the sand.

Thankfully, Big Data tools and platforms have evolved to meet these new threats head on, armed with real-time data gathering and high speed security analytics.

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