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SAP HANA: EMC IT Trailblazes Into the Unknown So You Don’t Have To

Sometimes, when your organization is leading the way in adopting bleeding-edge technology, you need to be a trail blazer to help to advance the innovation as an early adopter. EMC IT has a history of doing that, most recently with its groundbreaking deployment of SAP HANA in the Business Intelligence landscape.

EMC IT has hit a new milestone in its use of SAP HANA as part of its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) transformation, a good example of how such efforts can pay off for us and our customers. After three years of using an interim, standalone HANA appliance for its real-time reporting needs, Big Data Services has successfully incorporated the real-time environment into our main Business Warehouse (BW) environment on HANA.

The migration and consolidation of data over the past six months has resulted in a more agile, efficient and cost-effective data environment where both real-time and batch operations are performed from a central location. The move not only saved EMC an estimated one-time $1.5 million, the transition also allows EMC IT to reuse the capacity freed up by eliminating duplicate data sets to expand our burgeoning BW.


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