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Mark Smith

Advisory Consultant, EMC Global Services
Mark Smith is an Advisory Consultant for organization and human change management within EMC Global Services.
Mark Smith

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Achieving a Homegrown Approach to IT Transformation

Sometimes the insights you are looking for to resolve a problem turn out to be right in your own backyard.  When EMC IT embarked on a bold mission to transform its IT operating model almost two years ago, it made perfect sense for EMC IT to turn to an inside resource—our top EMC consultants in the IT Transformation Work Group within EMC Global Services—for help.

After all, the Global Services IT Transformation Practice had years of experience helping clients transform their IT operations to better serve their business clients. Global Services could apply what we knew to move the EMC IT effort forward In turn, our IT Transformation service leaders could benefit from being involved in one of the industry’s largest IT transformations, through which we could hone and refine our consulting approach and practices on a scale we have never done before.

Nineteen months later, EMC’s IT transformation is on track, and our group has gained a long list of new best practices and insights to leverage with other clients going forward.