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Mark Duncan

Mark Duncan

Sr. Manager, Business Intelligence — Data Lake

Marketing Science Lab is a Data Lake Pioneer

In the expanding world of Big Data, there is more and more information out there that can help your organization target the right customers with the most effective messages for the right products and services at the right time. EMC IT is using data lake technology to help our Marketing and Sales teams gain unprecedented insights into our customer behaviors, needs and sentiments to drive effective marketing.

At the center of this effort is our Marketing Science Lab, which provides advanced analytics support for Marketing using a shared Marketing and Sales workspace in the data lake. The Lab collaborates with Sales on shared data and models to deliver 360 views of customer behaviors by analyzing a vast array of data from internal and increasingly, external sources.


Stocking the Data Lake with Smart Data: IT-Business Partnership is Key

The data lake is proving to be a crucial tool as EMC IT strives to partner more closely with the business clients it serves to help them get the most out of enterprise Big Data. For example, EMC IT is offering a smart data base that lets business users across the company leverage a uniform customer profile for more efficient and effective sales analytics.

Created in collaboration with EMC Global Services, the CAP (Customer Account Profile) is based on information collected and aggregated from multiple sources to provide a holistic customer view—a single version of the truth, if you will, about our customers.

CAP is managed by IT and is one of the enterprise data sets made available via the data lake to business clients seeking to analyze customer trends, opportunities and insights.


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